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Ukraine Shelled Elenovka Checkpoint in Donbas Four Civilians Died Eight Got Wounded

Four civilians died and eight got wounded as a result of the shelling of the checkpoint Elenovka to the south of Donetsk by the Ukrainian military.
“The number of the dead civilians amounts to four people and eight people are wounded,” – pointed out Ruslan Yakubov, the Executive Officer of Corps of the Donetsk Defense Ministry, today at 8.30 according local time.
The pregnant girl was among killed people. “When the checkpoint was under the Ukrainian fire, the girl was inside a car, received a lot of missile wounds and she was not able to survive.”
“The data on shelling the checkpoint in Elenovka have been already handed over to the Special Monitoring Mission OSCE,” – summed up Ruslan Yakubov. Although the midday passed the international observers have not appeared on the scene of the shelling in the locality of Elenovka yet. The head of Donetsk republic Aleksandr Zakharchenko has expressed his indignation with the bad work of the Special Monitoring Mission OSCE.


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