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Overwhelming arrests in Ukraine

Yesterday Ukrainian state security arrested several communists and anarchist in Lviv, Western Ukraine.
Ukrainian police and state security say that the arrested were ‘preparing for a Mayday rally’ and distributed calls to come out to Mayday. Material evidences: communist and anarchist printed materials and symbols.
The arrested are members of the anarchist group ‘the Black Dawn’, prohibited Communist party and “Antifascist Resistance of Lviv”.
Now the arrested anarchists are accused of ‘actions aimed at violent change of the constitutional order’. The arrested communists are accused of ‘participation in a terrorist organization’.
Yesterday late in the evening one anarchist was released.
Many Ukrainian news agencies published photos from State security press-issue.
At one of photos you can see the page of anarchists in social networks. It was identified https://vk.com/black_movement and you can find there their public call for Mayday rally.
It is worth to read it!
“Be realist! Demand the impossible!
The revolutionary community if they are not in the time of the active phase of the revolution, called in to approach this revolution as much as possible. As it was in the 19th century, we win our space to spread anarchist ideals by formulating hot social demands.
May Day – is a time to demand!
Our requirements that will give real leverage for improving the lives:
Enough to endure unemployment and appalling working conditions!
• Enter the 6-hour day, thus:
– to reduce unemployment;
– to [reduce] burden on industry and service workers who often work 10-12 hours.
Power communities!
• To enable communities in every region to set:
– real minimum wage;
– the real cost of living.
Ownership of the people in the hands of the people!
• Stop the growth rates:
– remove all companies involved in the life support settlements from the hands of the oligarchs;
– to put all companies that provide the population with electricity, gas, water and construction of roads in the direct subordination of the community system through committees reporting directly online.
End Poverty!
• Establish unconditional income – i.e. every month amount every citizen can receive for basic needs.
No international loans!
• Stop taking money from international financial organizations, because the ordinary citizens always have to pay for them”.
Everything they wrote never crashed bourgeois laws. Every day numerous left parties and groups organize dozens of rallies with slogans like these everywhere in Europe, as well as America. But in the eyes of Ukrainian authorities all this is nothing else then terrorism.
That’s not all.
Look at the photos again!
Especially this one.

Ukrainian state security published it as evidence of terrorist crime.
Do you know what is this?
This is an old Soviet time flag of pioner organization!
Arrest in Lviv is an Orwell stile nightmare.

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