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Over the past day the Ukrainian military violated the ceasefire sixty-three times in Donbas

Last day was marked with a sharp escalation in Donbas. Ukrainian military forces violated ceasefire in the region in unprecedented scale.
According to official report of Donetsk authorities over the past day the Ukrainian army violated the ceasefire sixty-three times and shelled the territory of the Donetsk Republic five hundred forty-seven times, moreover it launched three hundred thirteen 82mm and 120mm mortar shells and thirty-two 122mm and 152mm artillery projectiles. At night on April 1, Kiev’s supporters also used tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, grenade launchers of different types and small arms at several places. According to official information the territory of the Donetsk Republic was shelled on orders of Klochkov, the commander of the 93rd brigade, Melnik, the commander of the 56th brigade, Sokolov, the commander of the 72nd brigade, Krasilnikov, the commander of the 57th brigade, and Zabolotny, the commander of the 58th brigade, with the connivance of the representative of the Ukrainian side in the JCCC General Taran.
The most intense shellings from heavy weapons prohibited by the Minsk Agreements were applied to such localities as Gorlovka, Zaytsevo, Golmovskoy, Yasinovataya, Spartak, Dokuchaevsk, Zhabichevo, Sakhanka, Vesyoloye, Kominternovo, the area of the airport and the Petrovsky district of Donetsk city.
Moreover, the DPR intelligence registered the amassing of the AFU forces and means along the contact line, especially in Andreevka, Krasnogorovka, Bogdanovka, Novogrigorovka, Mirnoye.
As a result of these shellings, in the locality Golmovskoy there were damaged two five-storey residential houses, a boiler house, a children playground and some private houses. In Gorlovka there were damaged a Culture centre, a passport office and a two-storey residential house. In the locality of Zaytsevo there were damaged more than thirty residential houses. Over the past day eight innocent civilians were wounded.


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