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MADNESS: fascists attacked veterans and women in Odessa

April 10 the residents of Odessa celebrated the anniversary of city’s liberation from the occupiers during Great Patriotic war.
The day started from a traditional visit of Odessa citizens on the Alley of Glory at the monument to the unknown sailor. The Alley was attended by several thousand people.
Kulikovo field activists were particularly active. During the celebrations, they called everyone to go to Kulikovo field to the House of Trade Unions and to honor the memory of Odessa citizens who died May 2, 2014 at the hands of Ukrainian fascists. This is a symbolic gesture that underlines the continuity in the fight against fascism.

Even during the rally a group of Ukrainian fascists, gathered behind a cordon ring, tried to shout and chant inappropriately in order to prevent people’s holiday. However, nobody paid much attention to them. But when people began to disperse and decreased in number, furious bandits started their attacks on the individual participants of the meeting. “Automaidan” leader Rezvushkin especially raved, his condition is clearly seen in the photo on the front picture to our post.



Not far from the Alley of Glory, across from St. Michael’s Monastery serious fight broke out. Several dozen thugs whose beefy faces do not fit into any frame, attacked a group of veterans and women who went to Kulikovo field to hold traditional meeting there. Unbelted bandits have thrown several women on the asphalt. Here a well-known Ukrainian nationalist Sergii Gutsalyuk “distinguished” the most.

At one point Michael’s Monastery hit the alarm.

All the way to the Kulikovo field Odessa citizens were beaten and insulted.
As a result, more than a dozen people asked medical help in the city hospitals. Among them – Vyacheslav Azarov, well known anarchist and Odessa businessman who received injuries and was hospitalized. Many Odessa citizens have seen with their own eyes a peaceful man attacked with tear gas on exit from the Alley of Glory. Thugs applied gas against Lyudmila Nikitenko the mother of Maxim Nikitenko deceased on May 2, 2014.
Among the victims there are people with a broken head, serious bruises and other injuries.

pOzlcNnLyudmila Nikitenko

This time the police was unexpectedly more active than usual. If it is not, the results of beatings would be scarier. But how do we know for certain, it immediately let go of all detained thugs. Not suffering any punishment, they continued persecution of people on all their ways to the Kulikovo field.
Odessa citizens are wondering on what basis these crazy are walking around the city with covered faces? Everyone has long and well known that the law prohibited all balaclavas and their derivatives in Ukraine.

Odessa antifascists claim: “We can not characterize all happened in other words than “another massacre” – even more idiotic and insane than all previous radicals’ excesses we have to watch for this spring. Through the efforts of the rioters Odessa increasingly faces the abyss of civil withstanding, which is not affected by any laws other than the law of the jungle.”

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