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Dutch vote against EU-Ukraine treaty: final result

Dutch voters rejected the Ukraine-EU treaty by a large margin in a non-binding referendum held last week, according to the final results published by the country’s Election Commission on Tuesday.

In all 61 percent of voters said “no” to the treaty, compared to 38.2 percent who said “yes” in the April 6 referendum, the commission said.

Around 4.1 million voters cast ballots, or 32.3 percent of those eligible, and above the 30 percent threshold needed for the referendum’s results to be valid.

The government is due to debate with parliament over what to do about the vote on Wednesday. Prime Minister Mark Rutte has told voters the Netherlands will not now ratify the treaty in its current form, but there is a long road ahead before it can be modified.

The treaty on closer EU-Ukraine economic, political and defense ties has already been ratified by all other European Union countries and Ukraine itself.



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