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Ukraine | Ukrainian Nazi attacked a leader of left party

In Zaporozhe Ukrainian Nazi attacked and severely beaten Vasily Volga – the leader of the Left forces league. A month before many Ukrainian left groups entered this party. As media reported prohibited Communist party and some small communist groups joint the Left forces league as a legal party able to survive under the anticommunist laws. This party is quite moderate in its political platform and looks like social-democratic force. Vasily Volga came to Zaporozhe for the meeting with his new members. But Nazi thugs surrounded him and beaten. Thanks to police intervention Volga stayed alive, in other case he would be beaten to death.
The attack was led by “Azov” – Nazi grouping affiliated with the Ministry of interior.
One day before Volga came to Poltava, but regional authorities banned all planned meetings. This is a part of wide campaign against new left party.

Canada | Maidan Self-Defense units were involved in the Odessa massacre

Canadian professor Ivan Katchanovski who is well known for his investigations into Maidan sniper massacre in Ukraine has turned his attitude to Odessa massacre, where dozens people were burnt alive. Prof. Katchanovski wrote:
“Another open admission of Maidan Self-Defense involvement in the mass murder of separatists in the Odessa Trade Union building in Ukraine on May 2, 2014: An expert of the International Institute of Democracy said that the his Kyiv Maidan Self-Defense unit was informed on May 2 by the Maidan Self-Defense in Odessa that they themselves took care of separatists, who were burning down, and therefore the help of the Maidan Self Defense dispatched from Kyiv to Odessa was no longer needed. The “democracy expert” was also a professor at one of the leading Ukrainian universities. He made this admission during a round-table, entitled “Save the Country: Stop Propaganda!,” at Ukrinform, a Ukrainian news agency.
This is another evidence that not only far right organizations but also the Maidan Self-Defense units were involved in the Odessa massacre. Their joint involvement is the reason for the failure to investigate the massacre and for the cover-up of this mass murder. As usual, the Ukrainian government and the mainstream media ignored this admission. The Western mainstream media and the governments are likely to do the same”.

USA | Military Spending is the Capitalist World’s Fuel

It is common for activists to decry the enormous sums of money spent on the military. Any number of social programs, or schools, or other public benefits could instead be funded.

‘500 dead’, confirm survivors of latest Mediterranean boat tragedy

Survivors of the latest mass tragedy to strike the Mediterranean have spoken out about their horrifying ordeal, when the overloaded boat capsized last week while making a crossing to Europe, killing as many as 500 passengers.
The 41 survivors – 37 men, three women and a three-year-old child – of the crossing from Tobruk in Libya were rescued and taken to Greece. They have confirmed that hundreds of people drowned when the non-seaworthy vessel tipped over.
UNHCR spokeswoman Carlotta Sami also said on Wednesday that survivors from Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt who were rescued from a small boat had described seeing a large shipwreck claiming hundreds of lives.

“There were 500 passengers, mostly Somalis, on the boat, but only [some] people survived,” Awale Warsame, a survivor of the tragedy, told Somali media.