Daily Archives: April 11, 2016

Ukraine | Mocking greetings

Yesterday Ukrainian prime minister Yatsenyuk announced his resignation. The same day he spoke to the US vice president Joe Biden, as the US embassy to Ukraine has informed. First of all Biden thanked Prime Minister Yatsenyuk for his partnership to the USA. We can understand it well, if we remember Yatsenyuk was one of the leaders of US backed coup in Ukraine. But the next Biden’s passages could not be interpreted in other way as mocking. The US vice president “congratulated the government of Ukraine on its accomplishments over the past two years” and numbered some of them: 1) “economic reforms”, 2) “the signature of the European Union association agreement”, 3) “and the work it has done to increase energy independence”.
What does it mean? 1) As a result of so called economic reforms Ukrainian population felt in awful poverty. Ukraine has become the poorest country in Europe. Even Albania and Moldova have higher level of incomes per person. 2) “The signature of the European Union association agreement” was paid with a bloody civil war but nevertheless it remains some kind of mirage. The referendum recently hold in the Netherlands has blocked its implementation. 3) “The work it has done to increase energy independence” sounds like absurd sentence. Ukraine refused to buy Russian gas directly and now it buys it in Europe. Russia transits its gas westward and Ukraine buys it in the EU. Ukrainian government looses a lot of money on this schema, but its energy independence has not grown up.
After Biden numbered these “accomplishments”, “the leaders agreed these changes must be irreversible”.
Then two leaders “also agreed on the importance of assembling a new cabinet committed to implementing needed reforms, in particular those recommended by the International Monetary Fund and European Union”. Just those reforms resulted in catastrophic poverty!
At the end Biden commended Yatsenyuk’s further intention “to ensure the stability, prosperity, and territorial integrity of Ukraine”. What has Biden welcomed indeed? Yatsenyuk was one of political leaders who destroyed political stability in Ukraine by leading Maidan coup. The territorial integrity of Ukraine was broken out just under his leadership. He supported extremist political course and pushed millions of Ukrainians to side with Russia against his government. As for prosperity we have wrote before: it turned out a shocking poverty.
Biden’s speech is more then thanks to his vassal – it is mockery!

France | France: uprising against the labour law

It’s been kicking off all around France against the government’s attempts to introduce the so-called ‘El Khomri’ labour law, or ‘loi travail’. This piece of legislation is an all-round shit deal for workers, and involves such policies such as extending the working week up to 46 hours, from the current official 36 hours, and enabling companies to sack workers with minimal justification. Since protests began, the government has backtracked on a number aspects of the law, like a proposed cap on the amount of compensation an employer must pay to unfairly dismissed workers.

Ukraine | MADNESS: fascists attacked veterans and women in Odessa

April 10 the residents of Odessa celebrated the anniversary of city’s liberation from the occupiers during Great Patriotic war.
The day started from a traditional visit of Odessa citizens on the Alley of Glory at the monument to the unknown sailor. The Alley was attended by several thousand people.
Kulikovo field activists were particularly active. During the celebrations, they called everyone to go to Kulikovo field to the House of Trade Unions and to honor the memory of Odessa citizens who died May 2, 2014 at the hands of Ukrainian fascists. This is a symbolic gesture that underlines the continuity in the fight against fascism.