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“You are at the UN meeting. Not in your jungle”

A conference “Ukraine: Maidan, ODESSA – two years later” was held today in Geneva. It took place in the UN in Palais des Nations. Mr. Amir Forotan, director of the Human Rights Agency, moderated event. The conference turned to be a new field of confrontation between the Ukrainian pro-coup activists and their opponents and victims.

The first speaker at the conference was Xavier Moreau, co-founder of “Stratpol” site, specializing in geopolitical analysis. Mr. Moreau presented political evolution of Ukraine after the Maidan, the mode in which the changes occur, the tragedy in Odessa, who were actors in these dramas, a fracture caused by these events in the Ukrainian society. He sought to identify the root causes – national and international – that plunged the country into civil war, fratricide and absurd political implications, economic and social impact of these conflicts on the future of the country and the lives of Ukrainians.
Next speakers were women from the Council of Mothers of May 2. They are the mothers of the victims killed in Odessa massacre and direct witnesses of this crime.
They shared their direct experience of these events and their efforts to make known what really happened in Odessa May 2, 2014, when two people were killed in clashes between demonstrators and 46 other in the House of Trade Unions were killed in fire of the building by supporters of Kiev’s government established on Maidan. These testimonies were an opportunity to return to these events, their organization, their conduct, fighting until the fire and finally the intervention of the police and fire to rescue survivors, as well as opportunity to take stock of direct and indirect responsibility of city authorities in this unprecedented violence in Odessa, investigations initiated by the authorities, and their results to date.

Victoria Machulko was born in Odessa, she is a founder and president of the Councile of Mothers of May 2, she graduated from the School of Music, the National Institute of Economics and the Odessa psychology faculty. She is now retired. She is a direct witness of the events of May 2, she spoke about her futile attempts to warn the authorities that must be called a massacre. She presented the requests of mothers of May 2 for a truly independent, impartial and objective investigation finally leading to the truth about what happened and that those responsible be punished.
Elena Radzikhovskaiya was born in Odessa, Elena has a doctorate in medieval history and teaches at the National University of Odessa. She is the mother of Andre Brazhevsky died during the siege and the burning of the House of Trade Unions on the evening of 2 May 2014. Member of the Council of the mothers of May 2, she testified to what she saw that day at Kulikovo field (a square there the House of Trade Unions located) up there, her efforts to find her son and her attempts since, along with other parents, brothers, sisters and friends of the victims, to bear witness to these events, carefully document what happened.
However, not only relatives of the victims came from Odessa, people who defend the organizers of this tragedy arrived too. Read more about them. They behaved provocatively, interrupt speakers.
Many European NGO activists supported the speakers from Odessa during discussion.
Jacek Kaminski (Poland) said that the Polish public opinion understands position of Odessites well enough, because fascism lifts his head in Poland too. He also expressed bewilderment concerning the investigation of the events of May 2nd. Why are only the representatives of the injured party are under arrest?
Machulko and Radzikhovskaiya said that they would also like to know why this is so? They also do not understand the strange sided position of Ukrainian judicial system and require a fair justice.
Matyas Bejnik (Hungary) supported in his speech just investigation in event on May 2 in Odessa.
Jean-Pierre Garnier (France) addressed a similar appeal. He expressed his sympathy to the relatives and friends of victims of the massacre on May 2 in Odessa and said that France understands that there is no justice in Ukraine.
The last words provoked hysteria among representatives of the Maidan, who attended the conference. They began shouting that have already carried out an investigation, which allegedly found guilty, and this has nothing to add. Jean-Pierre Garnier stopped their cries with remark: “You are at the UN meeting. Not in your jungle.” After that, he supported the initiative for an international investigation into the massacre on 2 May.

During the hearing, it also became known that the American public organization “United National Antiwar Coalition USA” addressed the UN Human Rights Committee a petition expressing support of the demand for an international investigation into the events May 2, 2014 in Odessa. The statement signed by prominent journalists, public figures, and US human rights activists.
In the current hearing, most speakers expressed their sympathy and support for the inhabitants of Odessa. It is a unanimous understanding of the tragedy in stark contrast to the attitude that Ukrainian authorities has show the families of the deceased for nearly two years.  The majority of conference participants expressed their full support of the requirement of the international investigation on the thugs and murderers on May 2.
Voice of Odessa mothers has been heard.

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    j’aime lire une version fausse de cette conférence annonce débat ou m Moreau à été mis devant ses mensonges en fin de conférence lui qui affirmait avoir été à maidan et qui me pouvait pas montrer les tampons sur son passeport , ce pseudo connaisseur n’est juste qu’une serpillière à la solde du kremlin adepte de créer une nouvelle nonorossia comme dit dans ses fumisteries.

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