UN sponsored Syria peace talks postponed to March 9th

The United Nations (U.N.) announced that the next round of Syria peace talks will be delayed by two days in order to allow the cessation of hostilities to take hold, Steffan de Mistura said on Tuesday.

According to a statement from de Mistura to Reuters, “we are delaying it to the afternoon of March 9th for logistical and technical reasons and also for the ceasefire to better settle down.”

Last Saturday, the cessation of hostilities agreement was implemented between the government and opposition forces; since its inception, both sides have violated the non-aggression agreement.

 On Tuesday, Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad was quoted on German television stating that the cessation of hostilities brought a “glimmer of hope” for future peace talks.

While the cessation of hostilities has dissipated much of the violence between the Syrian Armed Forces and the Free Syrian Army; it has not halted the war between the Syrian Arab Army and the Jihadist groups.


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