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Ukrainian media business protests against repressive laws

In February 2015 Ukrainian parliament adopted a law against Russian actors and artists who publicly condemn current Kiev regime. According to the law state security can judge arbitrary what Russian actors are dangerous for Ukrainian national security. Ministry of culture confirmed the list consisted of 83 actors on this ground. If state security finds one of these actors in any film’s episode, it prohibits this film completely. It doesn’t matter if it is TV series. State security bans them all. There are hundreds of prohibited films already.
Ukrainian media businessmen suffered of this politics. Nobody can expect would be this or that TV series prohibited or not. Ukrainian media content is closely linked to Russian one. Most popular entertainment programs as well as serials are of Russian origin. Production of media product of equal quality is not developed in Ukraine. But nobody can guarantee TV producer who buys Russian serial that he would not lose his money. Ukrainian media businessman can’t influence at Russian colleges not to shoot banned Russian actor in the movie. He can’t buy any new series before its shooting is completely finished. But when it finished it becomes obsolete. From the other hand many Ukrainian film producers shoot a lot of films in cooperation with Russian colleges since Soviet time. Now their films are prohibited in Ukraine inspite of their position in current crisis. Those filmmakers who supported Kiev and its politics are indignant of Motherland’s attitude to their art.
Ukrainian media producers organized a round table on March 2 in order to discuss the problem and push state authorities to change their policy. They failed. They persistently invited state security representatives but they ignored round table. The official from Ministry of culture stressed that his ministry only fulfils instructions confirmed in the State security and was not able to add any fresh idea. He didn’t support claims to fight for changes. To make situation worse a group of aggressive Ukrainian nationalist came to the hall. They demanded to “shoot everybody”, accused radically pro-Kiev TV channel “1+1” of Russian propaganda and insisted on strengthening of existing prohibitions. You can see how organizers reacted at their speeches at front picture.
The problem has one more aspect. Banning hundreds of films and movies under arbitrary and extensive pretexts Ukrainian state security aims not to strike Ukrainian media business incomes. It ruins common cultural space existed between Ukraine and Russia since the Soviet Union time. One needs only to look the list of prohibited films, movies and cartoons. http://mediananny.com/raznoe/2306576/ Many of them are wide popular in the former Soviet republics, especially cartoons. Many of them became classic, and people like them a lot. It looks like Ukrainian state security want to destroy existing cultural tradition. This is totalitarian state formatting people in accordance with plans which are known only to inner circle of rulers.

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