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Ukrainian democracy defends itself

First spring days were fruitful for some sort of news from Ukraine. They are important for understanding of a real nature of regime in this country.
March 1
The Cabinet of Ministers approved the «Rules of ethics for civil servants», which require the loyalty of officials and prohibit public critic of state authorities. Loyalty involves «refrain from any manifestation of public criticism of the activities of state bodies and their officials», the document says. Civil servants for violation of the rules «shall be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with law.» The rules were approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated 11 February 2016 and published on March 1.

February 26
The Cabinet of Ministers has introduced a draft law to parliament banning of protests and strikes during a possible threat to national security. Innovation allegedly directed against the miners, who are on strike, demanding to pay the debt on wages.

March 1
MP Konstantin Mateychenko, Member of the People’s Front parliamentary group, has registered with the Parliament a draft law that should make possible to put someone in jail for up to 3 years for criticizing the government and President.»

Totalitarian tendencies grow up.

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