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Ukraine: Communists remain in prison after ‘evidence’ against them thrown out

Dniprodzerzhynsk, Ukraine, March 10: Communists Sergei Timofeev and Denis Tkachenko have languished in jail since the autumn of 2014. They were indiscriminately accused of disseminating separatist printed materials and possession of explosives. Evidence was falsified to accuse innocent people.

Recently, in the course of judicial cross-examination of experts about the examination of evidence, on the basis of which the communists were accused, circumstances were disclosed completely excluding the offense and the guilt of the accused.

March 11: Tkachenko and Timofeev gave exhaustive testimony to the court. They described how «law enforcement» falsified their case, planted prohibited items, and used false witnesses. At the last hearing, all the evidence against them was rejected. Still, the court leaves them in custody, and the prosecution has already said it intends to seek new evidence for the charges.


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