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Social Forum of Eastern Europe has started its work Wroclaw

March 11, Social Forum of Eastern Europe has started its work Wroclaw.
Forum was opened with the speech of Forum’s director — Eve Groshevska, Doctor of Sociology.
“Dear comrades and friends!
I greet you in Wroclaw at a Social forum of Eastern Europe, the Forum of cooperation between the East and the South. I greet the participants from Bosnia, the Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Greece, Italy, Switzerland! Welcome visitors from Tunisia, Syria and Latin America!
This day is an extraordinary and optimistic. We are gathered here to analyze the situation, but also to find answers to the question of how to change our political reality, how to build a new public and social movement to defeat this system, which is based on greed and crime, how to build a new world without hunger, poverty, war, repression and exploitation. We are gathered here because we understand that people, as never before, need peace, equality and freedom. We are fight for this and we will win!”
Then the world-famous scientist Professor Samir Amin spoke on Skype. He outlined the concept of three worlds:
— Social Democrats: the US, Japan and Western Europe
— Socialists: the USSR, China and Eastern Europe
— National Liberals in Africa and Asia
their struggle during the Cold War, and the development of the situation today, he has condemned globalization and called to fight together against globalization of capitalism and peripherization Eastern Europe.
Then the floor was given to the Member of European Parliament Constantina Kuneva. Kuneva presented the position of the left parliamentary group on political and economic crisis in Greece and the EU. She said that the problems of Greek Government are the common problems of all European governments. «We say that this is banking dictatorship, because ordinary people pay for banking greed!» Troika blackmails all governments, arguing that it is necessary to maintain a poverty policy in order to pay the debts of the banks.
Then the participants from Turkey, Tunisia, European countries and the United States spoke. The speech of Michel Colon from Belgium was especially bright: «The United States is responsible for the spread of the war in Europe today: the intervention to war in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Ukraine. US surround Russia with military bases. Eastern Europe most affected by this policy, with its neo-liberal anti-social policies, financial and economic crisis, and now the refugee crisis.»
A fiery speech uttered by representatives of UNAC — United Nation Antiwar Coalition — the United States: «We are from a country which is responsible for all: the war in Syria, for the destruction of Ukraine etc. We have for you, we fully support your struggle, we are against all NATO’s wars all over the world. We are fighting together with you»,- Ana Edwards and Phill Wilayto said.
The program of the first day was over with opening the exhibition of artists Naila al Wardi from Tunisia and Naila Hanna from Syria

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