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Social Forum of Eastern Europe Discussed How to Fight Together in the Region

On Sunday, March 13 Social Forum of Eastern Europe concentrated its activity on issues common for the East part of European continent and tried to answer how to fight together for common demands. Participants of the forum looked through strikes, demonstrations, workers demands, ecology problems, privatization, trade unions, public health and other related points.
Professor Alexander Buzgalin, Russia, began his speech with acknowledge that the most important issue is to discuss immediate practical steps, the transition from theory to practice. We are in retrograde, reverse course of history, — the speaker said. Just almost feudal order has restored in society. Under these conditions, we, left, are sailing against the current. It is important to understand that the work would be long, hard and difficult. We need talented passionate people. Authoring projects are primarily successful now. We need to develop a certain framework, which will allow us to achieve the support of the majority of society.
Another Russian activist Alexei Sakhnin noted that there are representatives of the elite in Russia, who see the continuation of neoliberal policies as a disaster for the country and for themselves. So not Left only but also non Left came the concept of neoliberalism crisis. That is why, in the opinion of the speaker, pressing question is: should the Left to participate in political projects, initiated by representatives of not leftist? Discussion has not led to clear conclusion.
Piotr Ciszewski, Poland, focused on the problems of Warsaw, in particular, he gave an analysis of the process of liquidation of communal housing in Poland. But this problem exists not only in Poland it is typical for Central European region. It is known that the municipal housing is an outlet for socially disadvantaged groups. However, Warsaw authorities are trying to take away even this accommodation. “The apartment’s management plan” exists, under which you can trace the sad dynamics of extinction communal apartments. The speaker also spoke about the criminal nature of the privatization process in Warsaw, citing specific examples. The problem of criminal privatization particularly interested delegates from the former USSR. It was wide spread there and left bad memory.
The problem of reverse current interested Forum a lot. One of the oldest participants Joseph Abramson focused on the origins of retrograde motion of social development and recalled the theory of «controlled chaos», sponsored by the father and son Brzezinski. But not only Brzezinski are responsible in his opinion. J. Abramson gave a wide retrospective analysis of the post-war left-wing movement in Eastern Europe in its cooperation with the Soviet communists. Many current problems are directly connected to this development.
Iwona Mandat represented a Polish trade union created in the largest company Tesco. She told about the system of job evaluation, accepted by the company. It was elaborated more for robots than humans. The company decides to dismiss people on the basis of formal indicators. The speaker described in details the rules of the labor practices in large companies that create onerous conditions for employees using the help of employment agencies.
Christian Kalchev, a representative of the Social center from Bulgaria, substantiated the idea of a Balkan Federation in his report. This slogan can be put as an alternative for nationalism in the Balkan region. This idea has its roots in the 18th century. The speaker focused on the transformation of the ideological foundations of the Balkan federation, on the history of ideas. Today, according to C.Kalchev, idea of a Balkan federation is actual in a new form.
Immanuel Ness, professor in City University of New York pointed that problems of social movements in the region can’t be taken isolate from the world capitalism and its major power. We need to look them in global context. In particular he said: “The American ruling class is the beneficiary of the exploitation of workers and seeks to expand it military and political influence in Central and Eastern Europe to expropriate land, labor and resources through war and intervention. Europeans and workers in the global sours mast unite in solidarity against US imperialism”.

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