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The Social Forum Discussed The Balance of Real Socialism in Eastern Europe

Social Forum of Eastern Europe discussed the heritage left by so called ‘real socialism’ in the region.

Yuri Glushakov, Belarus, gave an analysis of the positive and negative aspects of the Soviet economic model. He suggested: «In the 1960-ies the Soviet leadership launched the construction of a consumer society.» Speaking about the current state of socio-economic sphere in the former Soviet Union, he noted the complete collapse of the neo-liberal concept that led to the emergence of an aggressive reaction and pro-fascist forces in Eastern Europe. The restoration of capitalism in the former USSR is a real disaster for the peoples of these countries.
Mary Alexandrova-Rubinchik, who represents organization «Alternatives», criticized the modern approaches of leading Western countries to the problem of refugees. She noted that in the era of the Soviet Union the country’s leadership was making every effort to stop war in the world’s trouble spots. Then, it provided assistance to affected countries, and held training for the most important spheres of social and political life of these countries. This approach seems to be the most effective compared to the current practice of hosting refugees, which are generally considered not to be able to integrate into European society.
Daniela Penkova, Bulgaria, spoke about the depressing social statistics, which speaks of a deep crisis of public sphere of the country. At the end of her speech Daniela Penkova posed the question: «Is not it time to stop supporting the authorities, which led to such results?».

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