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Silence in media: a lawyer murdered in Ukraine

Between 7 and 9 March Ukrainian lawyer, who defended two Russian citizens captured by the Ukrainian authorities, had disappeared in Odessa. The prosecution insists that two Russians were military, and Putin supposedly sent them to Ukraine to help terrorists. However, the Russians insist that at the time of detention they have not served in the Russian army. Ukrainian lawyer Yuri Grabowski defended these Russians in the Ukrainian courts.
Shortly after the disappearance of the lawyer it was suspected that he was murdered. Suspicion quickly confirmed. March 21 a man was arrested involved in the kidnapping of a lawyer, and on 25 March the body was found. Ukrainian officials say details in a very limited extent. It is still not made public information, who are the kidnappers of the lawyer, and what were the motives of the kidnapping and murder. Today it became known that Yuri Grabowski had been tortured for a few hours before the murder. Then the thieves simply shot him.
The case, which led Grabowski, sometimes compared to the high-profile trial against Ukrainian pilot Savchenko in Russia. However, if someone is kidnapped and killed her lawyer Feigin, this event would have broad international resonance. A Grabowski murder did not cause any reaction in the world at all. Why do the world’s leading media react to such events extremely selectively?

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