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March against the militarization of Central and Eastern Europe

The march against militarization was held on March 12 in Wroclaw. It was one of the bright events in the frames of the Social Forum of Central and Eastern Europe. More than 300 people attended the rally. The participants chanted slogans: “Stop the militarization”, “As long as we are united, we are invincible”, “Fascists, bourgeois, you will soon come to an end”, “Government, go to the front and let us eat”, “Without NATO, without a war, we need peace”, “Free Kurdistan — terrorist Erdogan”, “Odessa tragedy should not be repeated”.



Several speakers held speeches after the march ended.
Peter Ikonovich (historic leader of the Polish anti-capitalist Left) said that Poland is responsible for the destruction of the Arab East because as a NATO member it is involved in the destruction of Iraq (there was a Polish army) and in the war in Syria and Libya. Poland is responsible for the refugee crisis, because it is involved in these wars.
Phill Wilayto the representative of UNAC — United Nation Antiwar Coalition – well known journalist from the United States delivered a fiery speech in which he said that he came here from the country, which is responsible for everything — crises of the war, for the destruction of values, for refugees, for the destruction of Ukraine, and UNAC fight together with progressive European forces.
Savas Matsas (distinguished Greek scholar and politician) said — NATO and America and the capitalists destroyed Greece in the 1960s, and the European Union did the same by pressure of the memorandum — the destruction of the social system — health, education, salaries, utilities, etc.
Despite the rain, the procession, which took place across the central part of Wroclaw, was attended by over 300 people. Procession radiated energy: passers-by could not remain indifferent and connected to the demonstration.
Symbolically, in 2016 the Wroclaw was officially declared the cultural capital of Europe. It seems that it has become the unofficial capital for the left and progressive forces too.

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