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Following is a letter from Erdal Gökoglu, who has been recognized as a political refugee from Turkey in Belgium, but is already imprisoned for almost 2 months in Poland without committing any crime. …
In his letter, which was received by the Polish Committee for the Freedom of Politica Prisoners, Erdal Gokoglu says:
‘’I want to thank very much to all those, participated in my extradition trial on March 2, to those who organized support actions and who helped me to raise my voice louder.
We, revolutionary prisoners never carried prison uniforms and we won’t carry them. No torture method can make us surrender. I would like to remind the Polish state, that they apply torture methods against me, which were applied several years ago to the people in this country in the concentration camps. I’m kept in a cell, without any sunray. I’ve been denied my right to visit the courtyard. I am subjected to degrading torturous body searches.
They force me to wear a prison uniform.
But with our historical determination and courage we resisted fascism for decades and we didn’t give in. Today, as ‘soldier of this tradition’ I’m going to continue my resistance another time with a hunger strike, until it will end with victory.
My hunger strike demands;
1-) The enforcement of prison uniform has to be lifted.
2-) End of torture, twice a day, under the name of cell control.
3-) Removal of conditions over my right to go to the courtyard
(I can’t use at all my right to go the courtyard, because I refuse prison uniform)
4-) The hindrance before reading Turkish books, newspapers and magazines has to be removed.
5-) The claim against me, to be a «threat for security» has to be removed.
Further, due to the hunger strike my health state is getting worse quickly, since I am refused the demand for B1 vitamine.
I permanently suffer from breath shortness. There is constantly numbness of the left side of my body. This is why I can’t sleep at night. I start to have difficulties standing on my feet. My migraine headache and stomachache are getting stronger. I lost about 13-15 kilograms.
This is my address for letters:
Erdal Gokoglu
Ul.Grenadierów 66
72-100 Goleniów
(Please send your letters as certified mails)
Greetings to everybody…»
Erdal Gökoglu was divided from his visitors by the prison authorities during a visit and openly threatened that he won’t be allowed another visit, in case he continues to refuse prison uniform.
As Polish Committee for the Freedom of Political Prisoners we call everybody to send protest letters against these violations of Erdal Gokoglu’s rights to the addresses below,
Prison address:
ul.Grenadierów 66
72-100 Goleniów
Tel./Fax: +48 (91) 466-78-50 / +48 (91) 466-78-55
E-mail: zk_goleniow@sw.gov.pl
Polish Ministry of Justice:
Al. Ujazdowskie 11
00-950 Warszawa
tel. +48 22 52 12 888
fax: +48 22 23-90-655
e-mail: skargi@ms.gov.pl
Polish Committee for the Freedom of Political Prisoners

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