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Far right participation in the Ukrainian Maidan protests: an attempt of systematic estimation

Ukrainian left liberal Volodymyr Ishchenko published a study on far right in state coup in Ukraine.

The abstract says:

«This is an attempt of a systematic estimation of the far right participation in Maidan protests based on a unique dataset of protest events in Ukraine during President Viktor Yanukovych’s rule. The data presented contradict the thesis supported by most of the experts on Ukrainian far right that the far right did not play any crucial or even significant role in Maidan protests. The data indicate that the far right Svoboda party was the most active collective agent in Maidan protest events, while the Right Sector was the most active group in Maidan confrontation and violence. Protests with the participation of the far right were not isolated events on the margins of larger ‘peaceful and democratic’ protest. The data indicate the timing and location of the most intense far right activity, which has previously not received much attention. In general, it highlights the importance of the underestimated, but highly intense and large-scale, Maidan protests in Ukrainian regions beyond the events in Kiev city centre. Finally, it points to how far right participation in Maidan grew from the moderate opposition parties’ increasing cooperation with Svoboda».

Full text is available at: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/23745118.2016.1154646?tokenDomain=eprints&tokenAccess=Ka7WejcX4QEkk9Gi4rt6&forwardService=showFullText&doi=10.1080%2F23745118.2016.1154646&journalCode=rpep21&

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