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Facebook bans DONi Donbass News Agency site

Facebook has censored a popular, accreditated and officially supported DONi Donbass International News Agency main FB-site on Tuesday 1.3. evening. Banning of DONi was done in the midst of harsh escalation of the armed conflict in Donbass, and it happened just after the press conference which had been held in the Lugansk capital, where opening of the new DONi Lugansk branch was announced by the Director and Chief-Editor Janus Putkonen. Also Putkonen’s personal FB-account was frozen for the coming three days.

FB closed the official DONi news page having accused DONi News Agency of breaking FB-rules and we are charged with «spreading hatespeech». DONi Director’s personal FB-account was frozen under the same pretext. «I am amazed, I haven’t heard before about any official news agency site banned from Facebook», said the Director of DONi News.»Was this done only because we keep widening our news coverage from Donbass?»

«It’s clear that we haven’t broken any rules, so this means, that there are no rules left», commented Janus Putkonen on Facebook’s sudden decission to close the rapidly growing DONi FB-site which had gathered almost 4,000 likes and kept collecting averagely 200 likes per week.

«We report the western audience the situation in Donbass and yes, we widely cover the facts and documents bearing evidence of the cruel reality — how the Ukrainian nazi-batallions are attacking the Donbass defenders, cities and civilian targets. It’s clear that the bloody and Western backed military provocations, committed by the Kiev forces, don’t suit the Western media narrative and the picture they want to show about Donbass. In fact, it’s the truth about Donbass, what doesnt’t fit at all the western agenda», continued Putkonen.

«Today’s Facebook is not an objective internet platform for open and friendly discussions and sharing information. Just contrary to that, it has become a highly politized weapon of mass distortion to rule people’s views and understanding. What had been presented as a friendly platform, silently turned into the dangerous media weapon and it’s policies are taken over by the western geopolitical interest groups. We need to understand, that Facebook is controlled by the same international power structure, which promotes the western hegemony over the world. This hegemony of the western ideology has been implemented into people’s daily discussions and everything challenging this corporate mainstream media supported narrative, gets cornered, banned and stamped as a threat», said Putkonen.

«What we can see, is that in FB there is no room for challenging discussions of the world’s multipolarism, which is widely supported by the Russian world and its allies. Basically everything challenging the western rule and its interests, is today something what is called hatespeech», said Putkonen. «Fascism always needs сensorship».

«DONi News Agency and Press Center is a privately funded and non-profit making multiple language newsroom, which is based in Donetsk and Lugansk. Together with the local staff, we provide a daily outlook of the reality in Donbass. So it means that we give voice to the Donbass people and its defenders, who are fighting this very minute against the attacking Nazi-troops. It’s a fact that we can hear the sound of battles in our offices right now, and that fact is a part of the information blockade in the West these days,» says Putkonen and asks a serious question, «so what is the truth about the western «hatespeech?»

«Those telling the truth, are what they hate most. Every independent and alternative media is in great danger coming from the hegemonic facebook-policy. Under the blatant cover of hatespeech the elite rule is waging brutal aggression against people’s freedom of speech», concluded Putkonen.


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