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We have got an original text from Ukraine. It gives brief characteristic of antiwar protests in this country on the base of interesting collected data.

In Ukraine, the anti-war protests began in late May 2014 and covered only the territory controlled by Kiev. They have not been recorded in Donbas. This is one more proof of the unfair nature of the war started from the regime established by Maidan.
In the year of 2014 from late May to 18 July, according to our observations, there were not more than 20 protests.
From July 21 to August 22 there were at least 86 anti-war actions. They were caused with third mobilization to the army. It is the largest wave of protests against the war. All participants of actions were civilians.
Several protests took place in late August — early September.
The fourth mobilization, launched in January 2015 sparked the next wave of protests. From January 24 to February 4, 2015 there were 23 protests, members of whom were civilians. After that, mass rallies have not been observed.
Thus, the rise of anti-war protests happened at the periods of exacerbation of hostilities in the Donbas.
The total number of participants is difficult to determine. Perhaps it did not exceed 30 thousand people. Almost all the protests have occurred among civilians. Riots in the army were scarce. Participants of the vast majority of the protesters were women. Men were much less active. The participants of anti-war protests demanded not to send their relatives to the war or bring them back from the war zone, if they were already there. Protest methods largely consisted of rallies, marches and highway blocking. In a few exceptional cases, protesters clashed with the military commissioners.
By the nature of the demands the protests can be divided into two groups. The first type is consistently anti-war. The protesters condemned the war as such. The second type has border nature, when protesters do not question the necessity of the war, but protest against bestial conditions of service in the Ukrainian armed forces and threats of life for their relatives. This second type is able to evolve in the direction of a consistent antiwar position and in the direction of support for the war to victory.
Geographically, the protests did not affect central Ukraine. They focused mainly on the outskirts of the state. Most of the protests took place in the villages.
The vast majority of protesters were spontaneous, had no coordination and organization. But there were exceptions. In Glybotsky, Tyachiv and Melitopol district residents of neighboring villages explicitly coordinate their actions. In addition, there are two anti-war organization — the Women’s movement of Kharkov and the movement «Antivoyna» headed by Shilova. However, Ukrainian fascists persecuted them and their results are very modest.

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