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The Social Forum of Eastern Europe on Peripherisation

As we wrote before, on March 12 the Social Forum of Eastern Europe actively discussed several questions important to understand the current position of the region. The most important topic of the Forum was “Peripherisation of Eastern Europe and Mediterranean Area. Public Debt and TTIP as the Tool of Neocolonialism”. Many prominent left scientists paid attention to this problem.
Section moderator Professor Alexander Buzgalin said that the Social Forum was attended by over 200 people.
Matthias Benyik, Hungary, gave an analysis of the socialist left-wing movement in Hungary. He pointed out a split in the ranks left in the country. In the words of Professor Benik right-wing government of Hungary has created the xenophobic atmosphere in Hungary.
Bernard Founu Chougou, Director of Third World Forum, drew parallels between the events in developing countries in Africa and what is now happening in Eastern Europe. He noted a paradox that these countries do not have enough of capitalism, do not have enough of the local bourgeoisie. Our countries were not ready to the development of capitalist relations, which led, inter alia, to the aggravation of nationalism. He believes that the EU has adapted the system of nationalism for Africa too.
Distinguished Greek scholar and politician Savas Matsas gave a detailed critique of the current state of social relations in the EU, referring to the examples of Greece. He called Greece «weakest link» in the chain of the EU countries. There is no question about any complete triumph of capitalism and liberalism, about which so much has been written in the recent past. The main characteristic of the present day — destabilization. Rising nationalism is an indicator of these changes.
Yan Maylchek from the Czech Republic added to the previous speeches specific statistical and digital material. The iron logic of his report followed to conclusions that European economy is in crisis. The growth of domestic debt, the explosive growth of unemployment, the fall in economic activity in various sectors of the economy — that’s obvious signs of this crisis.
Sungur Savran from Turkey stressed that despite the hostile stated policy of the Turkish authorities there are people in this country who set up links to allegedly hostile Greeks and Russians. «Cloud of a third world war hangs above us, we have very little time», — he warned.

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