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Battle for Palmyra: decisive stage

From recent reports of “Al Masdar news”

The Syrian Armed Forces and their allies imposed full control over the Al-‘Amariyah District in northern Palmyra (Tadmur) after a fierce battle with the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) this morning. The Al-‘Amariyah District is the key to Palmyra’s northern sector; its capture this morning will allow the Syrian Armed Forces and their allies to conduct a flank maneuver in order to flood the terrorists out of the city. While the situation in the northern countryside of Palmyra appears to be getting better, the current battle in southern Palmyra is deadlocked near the military airport, as the Syrian Armed Forces struggle to advance. Meanwhile, in the western part of the city, the Syrian Armed Forces were forced to retreat to the Palmyra Archaeological Zone after ISIS recaptured the Badiyah District last night.
According to a battlefield correspondent that is embedded with the Syrian Arab Army, fierce clashes are taking place between the Syrian Armed Forces and the ISIS terrorists along several street blocks inside of Palmyra. Meanwhile, in the city’s western countryside, ISIS has claimed they have recaptured the Palmyra Castle (Qal’at Tadmur) and the Damascus-Pamyra after fierce clashes last night; however, almost all of these reports have been refuted by pro-government activists. While ISIS claims this, the Syrian Armed Forces have reportedly seized all of the fields in the Palmyra Orchards after forcing the remaining terrorists to retreat to the southern perimeter of the Palmyra Military Airport.
Syrian Arab Army and their allies are pushing deep into the heart of Palmyra, killing a significant number of enemy combatants while also attempting to capture the strategic Palmyra Airport.
The last 24 hours have been wild in the east Homs countryside as the Syrian Armed Forces and their allies up the ante by pushing deeper inside the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur). The Syrian Arab Army started the day by imposing full control over Jabal Mazar (mountaintop) and Tal SyriaTel (hilltop). Following their successful military operation at Tal SyriaTel, the Syrian Armed Forces and Hezbollah targeted the Palmyra Castle (Qal’at Tadmur) in Jabal Qassoun, liberating this imperative site after overrunning ISIS’ defenses at the western flank. With this important mountain liberated, the Syrian Armed Forces turned their attention to the Palmyra Archaeological Zone and the Palmyra Orchards; these sites would be liberated shortly after the government forces attacked ISIS’ crumbling defenses. This was followed by the Desert Hawks’ successful entry into the southern districts of Palmyra, which positioned them to strike the Palmyra Military Airport. Despite reaching the Palmyra Military Airport’s gates, the Syrian Armed Forces were unable to take control of it; instead, positioning themselves at two different flanks (west and south) in order to prepare a final assault.

Ukraine | Far right participation in the Ukrainian Maidan protests: an attempt of systematic estimation

Ukrainian left liberal Volodymyr Ishchenko published a study on far right in state coup in Ukraine.

The abstract says:

“This is an attempt of a systematic estimation of the far right participation in Maidan protests based on a unique dataset of protest events in Ukraine during President Viktor Yanukovych’s rule. The data presented contradict the thesis supported by most of the experts on Ukrainian far right that the far right did not play any crucial or even significant role in Maidan protests. The data indicate that the far right Svoboda party was the most active collective agent in Maidan protest events, while the Right Sector was the most active group in Maidan confrontation and violence. Protests with the participation of the far right were not isolated events on the margins of larger ‘peaceful and democratic’ protest. The data indicate the timing and location of the most intense far right activity, which has previously not received much attention. In general, it highlights the importance of the underestimated, but highly intense and large-scale, Maidan protests in Ukrainian regions beyond the events in Kiev city centre. Finally, it points to how far right participation in Maidan grew from the moderate opposition parties’ increasing cooperation with Svoboda”.

USA | Liberalism Has Failed and Is Failing

by Matt Bruenig

Jonathan Chait had a funny post in New York Magazine that is mostly just a rehash of how he doesn’t like political correctness, except in this case he associates it with Marxism. Although he doesn’t end up calling political correctness and related phenomenon “cultural Marxism,” the point is indistinguishable from the right-wingers with anime avatars on Twitter who call it that.

Left anti-EU campaign launched

On 23 June 2016 Britons will have the chance to vote on whether or not they want to stay in the EU for the first time since 1975. Since the announcement of the referendum, the media and topic of political conversation has largely been dominated by the idea of a ‘Brexit’ from the EU, and the pros and cons of such a decision.