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Ukraine | Kiev’s supporters in Geneva: can we trust them?

As we mentioned  Odessa massacre was discussed at recent conference in Geneva UN. The conference was visited by Maidan supporters, who tried to negate its main conclusions. A journalist and expert came from Odessa – Zoe Kazanzhi and Vladislav Serduk. Who are these people?
Zoe Kazanzhi is not merely journalist but also a local politician. Kazanzhi has started her public career by serving to regional oligarch Kivalov. She was a chief editor of his newspaper “Slovo”. It is notorious that Kivalov was constantly close to Yanukovich. He was responsible for mass falsification of election’s results in the year of 2004, which led to so called “Orange revolution”. Kivalov and his various media never supported Ukrainian nationalism.
During last political crisis Kazanzhi has changed her mind and unexpectedly jointed to nationalist camp. She has suddenly found herself in the team of Gurvits. Gurvits is well known in Odessa: he was twice elected for cities mayor. Since the early stage of his political career he leant on alliance with radical Ukrainian nationalists. These nationalists like Yusov, Gutsoluk, Borshchenko and others played prominent role in mass clashes in the center of Odessa on May 2 at the part of Maidan. Kazanzhi was also seen among these people. Her real role in the Odessa massacre is not studied yet, although you can see her on video.
But we can suppose it was significant. Kazanzhi is the only one person from Gurvits’s team who was appointed at high administrative position after massacre. She became a vice-governor of Odessa region. Anyway nothing changed in her relations to oligarchs. She served now to a new oligarch Ihor Palitsa appointed to the governor of Odessa region. When Palitsa was dismissed Kazanzhi also lost her position in power.
Thus public career of Kazanzhi is a serving to oligarchs and political unscrupulousness. Add to this her main feature – confrontation style behavior. It is impossible to talk her and negotiate and unrealistic to convince in something. Add her unexpected career took off after May 2 and you can easy conclude: she is not interested the truth to be discovered.
The second delegate is a retired policeman Vladislav Serduk. He is a member of the “Second May group”. The core of the group is an alliance of pro-Banderovits journalists and experts whose position can be a model of bias and prejudice.

Switzerland | “You are at the UN meeting. Not in your jungle”

A conference “Ukraine: Maidan, ODESSA – two years later” was held today in Geneva. It took place in the UN in Palais des Nations. Mr. Amir Forotan, director of the Human Rights Agency, moderated event. The conference turned to be a new field of confrontation between the Ukrainian pro-coup activists and their opponents and victims.