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Ukrainian intelligence secret operation in the Netherlands

Ukrainian hacker group known as CyberBerkut exposures Ukrainian authorities since the state coup took place in year 2014. They usually published true information about Kiev’s crimes and various plans. For a long time there were no sensations. But at last one appeared. CyberBerkut published a secret document from Ukrainian intelligence service. This service proposed for Ukrainian president Poroshenko a plan for breaking referendum in the Netherlands. The most essential abstract states:


“In order to promote the national interests of Ukraine and change the public position of the Netherlands population it is assumed the feasibility of a set of measures aimed at the failure of the referendum. Given the limited opportunities over time, we plan to conduct active operations involving undercover positions in the Ukrainian society of the Netherlands and the public organizations of the country. In particular, it has worked out options to bribe regional officials for the bureaucratization of the organizing process of a referendum. A certain group of local journalists is ready to start according to our instructions the formation of the negative background information about the referendum and its organizers. Also it is worked out measures to pressure (including physical) on the referendum initiators and their environment. In order to encrypt our events we planned to act on behalf of the Arab migrants and under the banner of respect for the principles of European tolerance.
In view of the above, we ask your approval and the appropriate indication of the financial allocation of the planned activities from extra-budgetary funds”.


If all these photos are true it means a great scandal in the European Union. Ukraine intervenes secretly its internal affairs or one its country-member at least.

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