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The Nazis march together with the police

In Ukraine, the police are increasingly resorting to the help of the Nazis.
In an interview on February 2 the head of the counter drug department of the Ukrainian police Ilya Kiva told reporters that he allows non-judicial punishment in cases where the law does not work.
For realization of the declared principles Kiva intends to cooperate with the regiment “Azov”. Kiva has confirmed that he discussed this matter with the regimental commander Andrey Biletsky. “We discussed the possibility of creating groups that will be engaged in cleaning our streets of drug dealers,” – said Kiva.
The regiment “Azov” is formed on the basis of Ukrainian Nazis. However, it does not bother the official, and he wants to give them the opportunity to operate in parallel with the police.
Meanwhile, February 3, 10 mixed patrols started to work in Kharkov. Each patrol consists of one police officer and two of the “Azov” Nazis. They said in the “Azov” they plan to cover all Kharkov with such patrols.



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