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The court has not released pregnant journalist and political prisoners Glishchinskaya

Ukrainian security services continue to administer lawlessness.
Odessa journalist Elena Glishchinskaya is in pre-trial detention on charges of separatism. She was pregnant shortly before her arrest. At the moment, she threatened abortion due to the harsh conditions. In the evening on February 2 Glishchinskaya was urgently hospitalized. On February 4 her lawyer demanded the court to change the preventive measure. The lawer requested the release Glishchinskaya under house arrest.
The judges rejected the request of lawyers. The court decided to keep Glishchinskaya custody until April 4, but demanded prison administration to proper her necessary medical care.
The certificate from the chief doctor of the hospital served as a basis for the court’s decision. The certificate stated that Glishchinskaya really threatened abortion and she needs bed rest, but the woman can participate in the trial, and receive medical care in a prison. During the court session it became clear that this information was written under the pressure of Ukrainian special services. However, the court ignored this fact.
The journalist announced her petition, which stated that her guilt has not been proved, and in state security officials made no secret from the beginning that they would keep her in prison as long as she did not confess and give evidence at the MP, whom she worked with.



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