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Prosecutor General of Ukraine is indignant at misuse of fascists

Ukrainian Prosecutor General suddenly told truth after two years of silence.
Here are some of his brilliant words:
“For all legal grounds the “Right sector” is illegal armed group”.
“Any separately taken unit can not, even under the banner of patriotism, hide with weapons in the rear areas and shoot the police posts.”
The prosecutor stated that criminal cases are actively hidden now behind the guise of patriotism.
The prosecutor accused the Interior Ministry that it hides the details of the robbery of the patriotic groups in the rear, including in Kiev. It was the Ministry of Internal Affairs in his opinion who must bring the “Right sector” under control.
At the same time Matios has no observations against the Ukrainian fascists in principle: “These are – the heroes, the nation’s elite. These are extraordinary patriots of the state”, – said the prosecutor. However, the state must use them correctly, because “the use of patriots for political purposes without statist positions mentioned before means a collapse of the state foundations.”


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