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NATO members develop military links to Ukraine

On January 25 Polish and Lithuanian militaries launched a new project of cooperation with Ukraine. They established Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade Command or Lithpolukrbrig as they called it. It seems NATO countries are in hurry as well as Ukraine. Just a week passed and this brigade has started twelve days training BRAVE BAND. Training will last until February 12. During two weeks the officers from countries-contributors learn how to operate and perform duties in one multinational environment while humanitarian assistance operations.
According to the battle staff command training BRAVE BAND scenario, officers from Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine follow military decision making process requirements.
During the current week, the LITPOLUKRBRIG personnel develop courses of action and performs simulation of the humanitarian assistance operation.
But humanitarian operation is a pretext only. In fact these drills aim another target: “During BRAVE BAND we learn a very important lesson how to synchronize actions of three different militaries to do one piece of work” – Deputy Commander colonel Volodymyr Yudanov underlined. http://www.mil.gov.ua/en/news/2016/02/09/litpolukrbrig-staff-deploys-a-command-post-to-learn-how-to-perform-humanitarian-assistance-operations/
NATO strengthens its links to dangerous Ukrainian regime.

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