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General strike in Greece

February the 4th, massive demonstration in Athens was held during the very successful new one day General Strike in Greece. The strike was against the demolition of what remains from the pension system by a new law dictated to the Syriza-Anel government by the EU and the IMF, following the capitulation by Tsipras last July. It is clear that the capitulation did not destroyed the fighting capacity of the working class. As participators of the rally say: “We are betrayed but not defeated and our struggle is going on!”
Near a hundred thousands marched in Athens and other tens of thousands of workers, youth and pauperized popular strata in every city and town all over the country. The General Strike of the workers was joined by the absolute majority of the poor peasantry and lower middle classes fighting against the new taxation burdens that the troika and the government want to impose on them. The peasants have paralyzed traffic all over the country by blocking the main motor ways with their tractors. The small shopkeepers have closed their shops everywhere in support of the striking working class. Teachers, professors, lawyers, doctors and other professionals are also on strike.

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