Controversal news from Syria

Syrian civil war demonstrates numerous unexpected turns. No one of fighting forces is lucky to win without painful defeats.
Recent news proved that government forces surrounded and destroyed a large group of ISIL militants between Aleppo and Kweirys. But in the same time ISIL cut of strategic highway southern from Aleppo. It was the only one road connecting all government’s army in Aleppo region with other territories under Damascus’ control. Syrian troops have been fought for reestablishing of the control over the highway for two days but their efforts are not successful.

Meanwhile a full text of ceasefire agreement on Syria was published. The future of this agreement looks like the future of previous ones. The most powerful extremist forces are excluded of it and moderate opposition groups have to declare their will to join ceasefire and agree with its conditions. Among them is  “the readiness to participate in the UN-facilitated political negotiation process”. There are serious doubts in such readiness. Moderate opposition is not something hole, it is deeply split and broke previous peace talks in January.

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