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Clashes in Kiev, Ukraine

by Dmytriy Kovalevich

Today’s situation in Kiev in short: Far-right forces not integrated to power launched ‘Maidan 3’. A new encampment of paramilitary Right forces was deployed in Kiev-centre today. They seized the central hotel and organized there the headquarter of ‘Maidan 3’ and the alliance which is called ‘Revolutionary Right forces’. They issued their demands: the deposition of the president and government, and resuming the war against Donbass.
Some ‘pogroms’ took place in Kiev today – several banks and businesses were attacked by right paramilitaries. Currently there are clashes between National Guard (recruited of Maidan activists) and Right Sector and other paramilitaries (Maidan activists not integrated into police and National Guard). In the crowd of paramilitaries there are various priests (mostly self-appointed) agitating for various conspiracy theories. And Right paramilitaries are very receptive to such theories. The paramilitaries shout: ‘Down with the gang! Ukraine is above all! Down with Jewish power! Glory to the nation”.
When some Right forces occupied the positions in result of Maidan two years ago, the other Right were sidelined and launched the third Maidan today. The authorities claim that rioting Right are ‘Putin’s agents’, while rioting Right claim that the authorities are ‘Putin’s agents’. The clashes go on.
The beginning of the clashes on Maidan-square:

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