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Cargill’s professional lobby in the US embassy to Ukraine

February 24 US ambassador to Ukraine Mr. Pyatt took part in the signing ceremony for the Cargill – MV Cargo Grain Terminal. This agricultural corporation plans to build terminal in the Ukrainian port Yuzhnyi in order to export Ukrainian grain. Pyatt has started his work on the project since July 2015 when he personally visited Yuznyi – a port near Odessa on the territory under Kiev’s control. As he explained Biden was the first who contributed to the deal: “This Yuzhniy project is exactly the kind of headline investment that we were talking about when the Prime Minister [of Ukraine Yatsenyuk] was with Vice President Biden and Secretary of Commerce Pritzker in Washington, D.C. in July”. Not only Yatsenyuk but other Ukrainian ministers lobbied Cargill’s interest too. Speaking at the ceremony Pyatt noted that agreement was a result of his cooperation with Ukrainian ministers Pivovarsky, Pavlenko and Jaresko. The last one is an American citizen appointed a minister under direct control of the US ambassador.
Ukraine is well known for its rich soils, and many agricultural monsters were interested to exploit them. Pyatt openly explains this reason: “This investment of up to $100 million by Cargill … will increase the ability of Cargill to facilitate Ukraine’s exports toward markets”. “Ukraine is already one of the world’s great agricultural producers, but it should be an agricultural superpower. It has more than a quarter of the world’s black soil. And Ukraine’s agricultural exports, which last year exceeded $14.5 billion, already accounted for 40 percent of your export revenue. But those numbers can easily be doubled”. In fact Pyatt explained a vision of Ukraine’s future from the US big capital view. While Ukrainian population falls in enormous poverty under the rule of US appointed ministers and cuts off its consumption limits, the US agricultural companies will increase food export from Ukraine. In the same time this US appointed government destroys the rests of Ukrainian industry. In fact all high tech factories were closed during last two years, only agriculture advances in Ukraine. As we see this tendency is exactly what Pyatt wants. So the USA representatives push Ukraine to production specialization in the interests of their agricultural companies. As Pyatt formulated: “Today’s success story is repeated, and that this goal of developing Ukraine as an agricultural superpower is more within reach today than it ever has been before. And again, let me offer my warmest congratulations to my friends and colleagues from Cargill”.
Was it true reason for state coup in Ukraine?

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