Daily Archives: February 16, 2016

Germany | Germans stage anti-NATO protest in Munich

Hundreds of Germans have held a demonstration to express their outrage at the warmongering policies of NATO and the West in the Middle East, where they have been engaged in a so-called anti-Daesh bombing campaign.

According to reports, some 2,000 anti-war protesters took to the streets of Munich, where the 52nd Munich Security Conference (MSC) was underway, saying the meeting had nothing to do with peace and security.

Turkey | Latest situation in Cizre: 66 massacred, no news from 73 others

While [Kurdish] people trapped in basements are being massacred by [Turkish] state forces in Cizre town of Şırnak, dozens of corpses have been taken to hospital and no news is received from many others facing a threat of imminent execution.

Out of the 134 people known to be stuck in basements-94 in Cudi and 45 in Sur neighborhood-, 66 have been verified massacred in basements so far.