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World has slipped into a ‘new Cold War’: Russian PM

Strains between Russia and the West have plunged the world into a “new Cold War”, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Saturday.

With tensions high over the Ukraine conflict and Russia’s backing of the Syrian government, Medvedev said: “All that’s left is an unfriendly policy of NATO against Russia.

Italy | Karabas Obamas hit Angela Merkel on the head with a club

Venice Carnival meats the Theater of the political absurd

From 5 to 9 February 2016 in the framework of the Venice carnival human rights organization “Italian Committee for the International Platform – Global Rights of peaceful people” in conjunction with a traveling “Theater of the political absurd” held an action – “The Rape of Europe by America.”
For four days in the streets, squares, quays and in the parks artists showed residents and guests of the Venice Carnival few dozen theatrical satirical sketches and interactive performances. These are “New Adventures of Pinocchio in Venice”, “President Obama brings Europe up”, “Bus of the European Union, packed to capacity, invites new passengers”, “How the Georgian president has appeared in the arm-chair of Ukrainian governor of Odessa”, “Rasmussen will present to anyone who wishes the presence of NATO troops instead of flowers” and others.
In the 10 to 20 minute short plays it was ridiculed cringe style and corruption of European politicians, who, following the lead of US policy draw themselves into a trap of becoming hostages of the situation in the Middle East, which flooded Europe with refugee flows. The US policy also plunged the European Union into the deepest economic crisis by adopting sanctions against Russia and mindlessly supporting semi-fascist regime in Ukraine, which has already perceptibly affected the European integration process and standard of living of the Italians.
They also paid attention to the “new world gendarme” – the United States, whose foreign policy leaves behind a trail of blood. Obama has shown as a director of the puppet “Petit Eurounion” theater, or as evil teacher of European politicians with a whip, or as a conductor of the bus, who does not allow anybody to leave it out, or as a policeman, establishing a superpower order in Europe, and even in the form of Death with angel wings.
Theater Director Serge Marx said: “The appearance of the political theater at Venice streets is a renewal of the old traditions. “Powers that be” were criticized already long ago, even starting with street theater “Guignol”, in the form of an acute satire. Theater runs under the track. Because pantomime emerged as a response to the ban for artists talk about politics. Therefore, we are not talking, but move well under the fiery music and text, dubbed by professional actors.”
President of Global rights of peaceful people of the Italian Committee Svetlana Wilke said, “The audience welcome theater very much, laughed and applauded. They stood even in the rain with umbrellas and watched performances. There were, however, the dissenters too. But the carnival is big and they left to another places. Some of our Italian jokes and problems were incomprehensible to foreigners, but they still had fun on our emotional pantomime.”
Human rights activist and theater actor, longtime Obama said: “My partners scenes were dressed in costumes. For example, Prime Minister of Italy Renzi was Pinocchio and yellow Superman from the movie “The Mask”, French President Holland was Napoleon and Cardinal Richelieu, our favorite Berluskoni – hussar-womanizer. Putin was Prince of Moscow Vladimir, Tsar Peter the Great and the guerrilla’s hussar Davidov. Poroshenko and Yatseniuk – thieves and beggars: Basilio cat and Alice Fox, and other negative characters according to the script. German Chancellor Merkel – Malvina, angel with wings, a woman in a yashmak and a bus driver.”
Actor Marx, played Putin shared his impressions: “I’ve been rehearsing Putin’s gait, expressing confidence and showing independence and greatness of Russia. Many people came up to me, shook my hand and said in all seriousness: “Keep it up. You’re doing it right, Mr. President!” This is the great strength of art. When we moved from one site to another for demonstrating show accompanied with loud cheerful Italian music, passers-by smiled, they danced and asked to be photographed with us. Most often, of course, asked Putin.”
Actress Paola, played Renzi added: “And I liked reckless “Knock politician game”. Obama dressed as Uncle Sam with inflatable club, and we stand behind our national flags as behind a screen, hiding the head, crouching like in a computer game “Frogs”. Quickly stand up and represent: Renzo… Merkel… Holland … Cameron… Tsipras… And he is trying to get to the head with club. Who is hit takes his cap and sais: “Yavol, Sir President, I am ready to fulfill all your instructions”. Then we pass a club and Uncle Sam’s cylinder to audience and he or she is already under the cheers of spectators trying to stay at least temporarily Obama. And in the end, we hand in hand run to the music.”
Theater director Serge Marx said that this is his first experience, but he will continue sketches on February 13 in Munich, February 15 in Madrid, on February 26 in Strasbourg, in March in the Netherlands, implementing translation adapted to the country, translating into local languages, taking into account the local color and involving local activists. People like this show and it bears in a humorous way the truth.”

USA | The Syria Proxy War against the Islamic State (ISIS) Has Reached its Climax. Military Escalation, Towards a US-NATO Sponsored Ground Invasion?

Michel Chossudovsky

Washington’s strategy consists in spearheading a broader regional war by inciting Turkey, Saudi Arabia as well as Israel to do the “dirty work for us”.

Until recently, Syrian Government Forces together with their allies (Russia, Iran, Hezbollah) have been confronting so-called “opposition rebels” largely composed of “moderate” terrorists and mercenaries, with US-NATO intelligence and special forces forces operating covertly within their ranks.

USA | Global capital puts an ulimatum to Ukraine

“Bloomberg” editorial has issued striking analysis of Ukraine’s future. Global capital is not satisfied with reforms conducted in this country. Here is the full text:

The International Monetary Fund has threatened to cut off aid to Ukraine unless the government finally cracks down on corruption. It’s the right message, and the fund should be prepared to follow through if President Petro Poroshenko fails to deliver.

India | U.S. deploys more Patriot missiles in South Korea

A spokeswoman for U.S. Forces Korea couldn’t confirm how long the Patriot missile battery from Texas would be deployed in South Korea.

The United States temporarily deployed an additional Patriot missile battery in South Korea in response to North Korea’s nuclear test and a long—range rocket launch, ahead of talks next week to set up an even more sophisticated U.S. missile defense in a move that has worried China and Russia.