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NATO increases its military presence in the Black Sea region

Today NATO Defence Ministers meeting was held. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told the press one point of agenda is a migrant crisis, but Turkey, nor Germany has put it: “During the course of this ministerial, we will also discuss how NATO can support Allies in responding to the refugee and migrant crisis we see in Europe and close to Europe in the Middle East, Syria and Turkey. We will do so based on an initiative by Turkey”.
Then Stoltenberg answered questions. He was asked about the Black Sea security strategy: “Romania calls for permanent NATO Black Sea forces. Is it possible to involve Georgia in this strategy?”
Stoltenberg’s answer: “NATO has already increased our presence in the Black Sea and we are following closely the developments in the Black Sea. We have increased our naval presence, we also have AWACS surveillance planes surveilling and being present in Romania, Bulgaria, and close to the Black Sea also in Turkey. We are constantly assessing the developments in the Black Sea including the implications for NATO and then we are adapting and that’s exactly what we are doing when we are increasing our forward presence and also increasing our ability to reinforce and our efforts when it comes to surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence in that region. We also work closely with Georgia, a close partner. The cooperation with Georgia, especially when it comes to the implementation of the substantial package is part of a very close partnership between Georgia and NATO. And of course that’s also relevant for the challenges that we see in the Black Sea”. http://www.nato.int/cps/en/natohq/opinions_127825.htm
As he also told defence ministers will continue next day “by a meeting of the NATO-Georgia Commission. The review Georgia’s progress in delivering defence reforms and the latest security developments will be on our agenda”.
So NATO increases its presence in the Black Sea region, Romania calls for permanent NATO forces in the region and there are plans to involve Georgia into this project. It is not hard to see all this initiatives are aiming to Russia.

Israel | US lifts ban on funding neo-Nazi Ukrainian militia


Venezuela | Venezuela Announces Oil Countries Agree to Emergency Meeting

Venezuela sent their oil minister on a tour of oil-producing nations in a last-ditch effort to soothe the effect the plummet in oil prices is having on the country.

Six OPEC member states and two non-members have agreed to attend an extraordinary meeting should one be called, Venezuela’s Oil Ministry announced Wednesday.