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France | TV. Derrière les masques de la révolution ukrainienne

Entretien réalisé par Audrey Loussouarn
Lundi, 1 Février, 2016

Spécial Investigation, à 22 h 35. La chaîne diffuse, ce soir, le documentaire du journaliste d’investigation Paul Moreira sur le massacre d’Odessa et le rôle des milices d’extrême droite dans l’après-révolution ukrainienne. Un travail essentiel de désintoxication.

USA | IMF’s Prescription for Europe: Exploit Refugees with Low Wages

Portugal | An unlikely deal for the Left begets victories and exposes all contradictions

January 2016, by João Camargo

The scourge of rising inequality – A case of Pakistan

Abdul Khaliq

The issue of inequality, which was shunted aside amidst rapid growth over the last few decades, has resurfaced with a vengeance, particularly after the global financial crisis. The trend has been rising in most of the countries despite rapid economic growth.

Who does the World Economic Forum really represent?

An analysis of the ‘Davos Class’
15 January 2016

TNI takes a close look at the World Economic Forum’s Board to see who they represent, their economic interests and political beliefs. Might this be the future of global governance?