“We are not Banana Republic”: the difference between protests in Moldova and Ukraine

After mass protests sharply deteriorated in Moldova, US Ambassador James Petit invited opposition leaders to talks. Socialist leader Dodon informed the participants of the huge rally in Chisinau and said:
«If you do not mind, I’ll go and tell him in person that we are not a banana republic, we do not need to be considered here for the Papuans. What is happening now in our country, and that these oligarchs behave arrogantly, is due to the fact that they were supported by the representatives of the United States. »
After meeting with the US Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon rejoined the rally.
«I have given a clear message to the US Ambassador to Moldova: we do not support the government of oligarchs,» — socialist said.
«Those oligarchs behave arrogantly in parliament and at the street only because the US provided them with political support. West is responsible for everything that happened in our country over past six years: economic decline, social depression, a massive outflow of people abroad, unprecedented corruption in the government, theft billion, etc. etc «, — Igor Dodon said.
According to the head of socialists if the West will continue to support this government, the Western ambassadors, advisors and leaders in Brussels, Berlin and Washington would be responsible for what can happen in Moldova in the future.
Socialist leader appealed to the citizens of Moldova and called on all to go to the protest against the oligarchs in power:
«I promise you that together we’ll overthrow the oligarchs.»
Despite calls for the overthrow of the oligarchs Dodon stands for a peaceful way to resolve the crisis. He hopes that the appointment of the new government will cancel either the parliament or the Constitutional Court, and then early parliamentary elections would be held. Finally, he has subjected to veiled criticism of the position of the US Ambassador:
«Our way to understand democracy is to give the people the right to choose. We are interested to finally figure out how representative of «bastion of democracy» understands democracy in our country. I hope we will be able to see it soon in his official position «, — the leader of the Socialists concluded.

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