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Venezuelan Military Vows ‘Absolute’ Loyalty to Nicolas Maduro

7 January 2016
The declaration came after a PSUV legislator warned that the opposition was ignoring public institutions in order to launch a coup d’etat.

The Venezuelan armed forces, known as the FANB, pledged staunch support for Nicolas Maduro and his government in the face of threats by the right-wing parliament to oust the president.

«The president is the highest authority of the state and we reiterate our absolute loyalty and unconditional support for him,» said Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino.

The military chief condemned the removal of pictures of Hugo Chavez and Simon Bolivar by new National Assembly president, Henry Ramos Allup, as a “vulgarity.”

The FANB declaration came after legislator for the PSUV socialist alliance, Pedro Carreño, warned that the opposition was ignoring public institutions in order to launch a coup d’etat.

Responding to the decision by Ramos Allup to scorn a decision of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) to suspend three members of the right-wing MUD coalition and swear them into parliament regardless, Carreño said that the “reactionary right, who like errand boys, following decision of their imperial financiers, set themselves up in the National Assembly to launch a coup d’etat.”

“And in the face of this unlawfulness, this anomalous behaviour, the public powers of the public will have to work to preserve peace, the state of law and internal order,” he added.

Since taking over as the majority force in the Venezuelan parliament, the right-wing opposition has adopted a confrontational attitude.

Since the first day of the new National Assembly this week after the MUD won a two-thirds supermajority the opposition force declared its goal to remove Nicolas Maduro from office.


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