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«Right Sector» was not able to get a free vodka

Fascist gangs continue to terrorize the population of Ukraine. During the war, they imagine that they can do everything, so they commit crimes, even in that places where military operations are not conducted.
On the morning of January 10 at the Ukrainian ski resort «Dragobrat» in Transcarpathia was a mass fight involving weapons. Fight was organized by criminals from the «Right Sector». They broke with a gun in a hotel «Hata Magnata» 4 o’clock in the morning.
The «Right Sector» paramilitaries demanded free food and vodka. When the security guard of the hotel reprimanded them, they beat him severely. A fight broke out. Paramilitaries used firearms and wounded two guards. Security by means of local residents managed to stop the attackers. There were five, all members of the «Right Sector».
Currently, the court decided to take them under arrest for two months. The criminal case is started.
The «Right sector» officials have recognized that the attackers were from their organization. However, they try to justify them by claiming that they had received a concussion in the heads during the war, and therefore they should be treated leniently.

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