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New Year gifts from Kiev

Three explosions violated the New Year holidays to residents of regions out of Kiev’s control.
In the night of December 31, a power line was blown up on the border with Crimea. As a result, the supply of electricity from Ukraine to Crimea stopped again. By this time Crimea received only 15% of needed electricity from Ukraine, so problems were minor in contrast to a similar explosion on November 23.
Evening of January 3 there was an explosion on a gas pipeline supplying gas into town of Makeyevka in the Donetsk Republic. Most of the city remained without gas. Full restoration of the pipeline is expected to be January 6. Gas supplies have been violated in the conditions of severe frosts. For about 20 thousand residents of Makeyevka gas is the main source of home heating, so the situation remains critical.
January 4 on the territory of the Lugansk Republic difficulties with the supply of water had started. A section of plumbing system controlled by Kiev was damaged. Water supply decreased by 30%. Kiev authorities did not report on the timing of the completion of repair work. It is also extreme cold in the region and the disappearance of water in the taps can result in serious accidents.
All three cases are distinguished by the same handwriting. Unknown persons violate livelihoods of areas out of Kiev’s control, and Kiev did not notice these crimes.


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