Mass riot in Moldova

The evening of 20 January, a riot started in the capital of Moldova.
Moldova lives in a state of internal political crisis since last summer. The country is shaken by protests against corruption and rule of a major criminal capital in alliance with radical Moldovan nationalists. The ruling coalition has stolen one billion dollars. It is an unusually large amount of money for impoverished Moldova. The leading role in protests was played by the pro-Russian parties, but recently one of the pro-European parties joined them leaving the ruling coalition out. The popularity of the regime has fallen sharply, but it continues to cling to power, despite the total loss of the support of the people.
On January 20 the ruling coalition tried to appoint a new prime minister. Opposition parties have collected a huge rally under the walls of Parliament and demanded early elections. Opposition MPs called the same in the parliament. However, the coalition has ignored all appeals. MPs from the majority hastily voted to appoint the new prime minister without the submission of the Government’s program. This is a flagrant violation of the Moldovan legislation.
On hearing this, the protesters began a spontaneous storming of the Parliament. They managed to capture part of the building and disarmed several police units. MPs from the majority run out of the building. Close to midnight, opposition leaders persuaded the people to stop the assault and continue to protest peacefully.
Regime felt in panic. They blocked public transport in the center of Chisinau, fearing if people from suburbs gather to the Parliament. They blocked oppositional TV channels in cable networks. The entire police force of the country is strapped to the capital.
Moldovan media reported that 10 people were injured in riots in the center of Chisinau — seven police officers and three civilians. One of them is Mihai Ghimpu, the leader of the Moldovan nationalists, members of the coalition.
Despite the sharp rejection of the new government by Moldovans, the Romanian Foreign Ministry called on all Moldovan politicians to support its creation. The US Ambassador to Moldova invited opposition leaders to talks to find a way out of the crisis. The leader of the Moldovan socialists answered for this proposal that the opposition’s demands remain unchanged — early parliamentary elections.

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