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Last week was marked with increasing activity of Ukrainian Nazi

On January 19 three “Right sector” paramilitaries in Lviv region tried to plunger local businessman Oleg Gentosh. But they wanted to bypass the alarm. To know its secret, they grabbed a relative of businessman. He was tortured one and a half days. They required him to say how to get into the house and where the money is hidden. By sheer luck it was managed to arrest them. Gentosh was shocked by the fact that they were his friends: he helped the “Right sector” financially and knew them personally.

See details http://made-inussr.livejournal.com/290268.html
On January 19 local left in Kiev marked the anniversary of the assassination of two Russian anti-fascist activists — journalist Anastasia Baburova and lawyer Stanislav Markelov, who were shot dead by fascists in broad daylight on 19 January 2009 in central Moscow. But these Kiev activists faced intimidation by a Nazi gang as the police stood by.
This year fascist groups in Kyiv issued threats against the demonstration in advance, and the police told organisers they could not guarantee their safety. As result about 50 neo-Nazis gathered at the October cinema and prevented rally going ahead. Participants had to argue the right wingers as journalists looked on. Another ten fascists attacked one participant, near the Taras Shevchenko metro station.
It was a mixed group of Ukrainian and Russian Nazi from Azov regiment – leading Nazi formation fighting against uprising in Donbas. Azov regiment is subordinated to the Interior ministry of Ukraine. Some of its fighters are Russian Nazi emigrated from Russia for political reasons. “It’s shameful that Ukraine has become a refuge for fascists from other countries”, — states one Ukrainian left group.
Roman Zheleznov a prominent Russian fascist was among them. He fought at Kiev side in Donbas. As one witness described, he told them: “You’re against Russian people, you just love those churki’ [an extremely derogatory term for people from the Caucasus]. At this very moment, their Ukrainian brothers-in-arms from the regiment continued to curse the anti-fascists as ‘pro-Moscow separatists’.” He also declared that ‘for views that don’t line up with those of the nation’, people not only may be, but should be, killed.” Ukrainian Nazi agreed to him. Meanwhile a group of Kiev neo-Nazi teenagers shouted “Sieg heil” and “SS”. Police didn’t intervene.

On January 21 Odessa fascists broke up a conference of Anti-war movement leader Victoria Shilova. She is a former deputy of regional council in Dnepropetrovsk and resists military hysteria since the civil war has broken out in Ukraine. Local fascists consider her political position as a separatist one.


Victoria Shilova

On January 22 dry fascists in Odessa attacked a peace rally against poverty held near the regional administration building. It was organized by local anti-maidan group whose members are still active in Odessa. Well known fascist Mark Gordiyenko exclaimed that his opponents are degenerates and it is bad that he can’t beat them severely. One of the organizers of the event, Maurice Ibrahim, said that the police did not share the opponents, but rather contributed to tightening and the development of the conflict. In spite of fascist attack Ibrahim promised to hold such rallies every two weeks.






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