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John Helmer

The European Court of Human Rights is refusing to act on a year-old case from the daughter of a Dutch passenger killed when Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down on July 14, 2014. Denise Kenke, daughter of Willem Grootscholten, accuses the Ukraine Government of failing its legal duty to prevent civilian aircraft from flying into the airspace Ukrainian officials knew to be dangerous. Her court papers say the claim is also founded on the conclusion of the Dutch Safety Board, reported last October, that the government in Kiev had been negligent in failing to act on “sufficient reason for closing the airspace above the eastern part of Ukraine”.

Turkey | The US and Turkey confirm alliance against Syria and Kurds

Two days before U.S. Vice President Joe Biden visited Turkey and met with Turkish Prime Minister Davutoğlu in Istanbul. They agreed for futher cooperation against Assad and his government in Syria as well as Kurdish movement for liberation and equated PKK to ISIL. “Daily Sabah” reports in detail:

Tunisia: nothing has changed. Suicide of unemployed youth sparks new wave of protests

Five years after the fall of Ben Ali, demands of the revolution remain unsatisfied

Al-Badil al-Ishtiraki

Those who had attempted to bury the spirit of the Tunisian revolutionary uprising of 2010-2011, which at the time sent its tremors across the Middle East and North Africa, have been proved wrong once more. In the last couple of days, Tunisia has been swept by a new ‘intifada’ from its impoverished youth, fed up with a life of misery and mass unemployment. This is increasingly taking the character of a national revolt.