Daily Archives: January 23, 2016

Ukraine | Last week was marked with increasing activity of Ukrainian Nazi

On January 19 three “Right sector” paramilitaries in Lviv region tried to plunger local businessman Oleg Gentosh. But they wanted to bypass the alarm. To know its secret, they grabbed a relative of businessman. He was tortured one and a half days. They required him to say how to get into the house and where the money is hidden. By sheer luck it was managed to arrest them. Gentosh was shocked by the fact that they were his friends: he helped the “Right sector” financially and knew them personally.

15 countries in arrears to UN including Venezuela lose vote

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has informed the General Assembly that 15 countries including oil producer Venezuela are in arrears in paying their annual contribution to the U.N. regular budget, which means they can’t vote in the 193-member world body unless there are exceptional circumstances.