Daily Archives: January 19, 2016

Italy | China Crash: The Faltering of Economic Transition

Ralf Ruckus

n days of panic selling and bursting bubbles, the Chinese stock markets appear to be a casino of roulette bets on future economic trends. Beyond the daily ups and downs of the stocks game, we can identify maneuvers of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and other players, as well as long-term trends of Chinese capitalist development.1

USA | Why Turkey’s government is threatening academic freedom

Turkey is making international news. And, unsurprisingly, the news is gloomy yet again. Emboldened by his party’s electoral victory in November, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has set out on a crusade against academics. After 1,128 academics signed a petition to the Turkish government imploring an end to the violence in southeastern Turkey, prosecutors launched a criminal investigation against all signatories. University administrations have begun investigating these academics, who have in some cases been detained or suspended.

Russia | Tens of thousands protest in Moldova calling for snap elections

16 Jan, 2016

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Moldova’s capital, Chisinau, in anti-government protests demanding the dissolution of parliament and snap elections amid an ongoing political crisis.

62 People Now Own As Much Wealth As Half Of The World’s Population

In 2010, Oxfam calculated that the world had become so unequal that the 388 richest people together owned as much as the poorest 50% of the planet’s population.

By 2015, this was no longer the case. According to the charity’s latest research, published on Monday, just 62 individuals now have the equivalent combined wealth of the world’s poorest 50% – that’s 3.6 billion people.