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USA | The Russian Tom Clancy Is on the Front Lines for Real

In early 2014, after Russia annexed Crimea, pro-Russia separatists in the north of Ukraine, with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s backing, seized parts of the border area near Donetsk. After those rebels were blamed for shooting down a Malaysian passenger jet flying over eastern Ukraine that summer, President Obama convinced Europe to impose economic sanctions, which have devastated the Russian economy. Putin also withdrew many of the Russian military advisers, allowing local fighters to assume high-ranking positions in the leadership.

France | La femme qui vient de hacker Hollywood par Flore Vasseur

Voici la version non éditée d’un article paru dans Society  puis Medium backchannel, en mars dernier. Il s’agit d’un long portrait de Laura Poitras, la réalisatrice de Citizen Four.

USA | “It will take an enormous effort to resist Western imperialism”

an interview with Immanuel Ness

Immanuel Ness is professor of political science at City University of New York and author of Southern Insurgency: The Coming of the Global Working Class.