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UK | A no-strings basic income? If it works for the royal family, it can work for us all

John O’Farrell

My first response to the notion of a Universal basic income was: “Well, really. That is never going to happen. I mean, it’s completely unaffordable. I mean it would be political suicide for any progressive party suggesting it.” And then I may have started to froth at the mouth slightly and ask if it would be paid to refugees.
Yet this year will see a UBI paid to residents of Utrecht and 19 other Dutch municipalities. Everyone will get about £150 a week, whether working or not. The unemployed won’t find themselves penalised for finding work, and the hope is that the state will spend less money snooping on benefit claimants, moving on the homeless or locking up those driven to crime. Advocates of this radical idea are keen to quash any notion that recipients of free money will just use it to lie around all day getting stoned. This is why it is being piloted in Holland.
The idea is so refreshingly contrary to the petty conditionality that is killing the welfare state that it began to fill me with optimism that there may be a few people lying in this political gutter still looking at the stars. Once upon a time, universality was the underpinning principle of welfare. Every mother got child benefit; every child got free school milk, until that was snatched away by … Oh, I can’t remember – I’m not one to bear grudges.

Polish will for revision of social changes in Western Ukraine

Lithuanian news agency has published and interesting interview to Polish non-government organization “Powiernictwo Kresowe”. Seventy years before the Soviet Union and Poland exchanged their population. Ukrainians from Eastern Poland were relocated by force to Ukraine and Poles from western Ukraine were relocated to Poland in the same way. Now the aim of this organization is restitution of properties belonged to forcedly relocated Poles. It supposes European course of Ukraine opens good possibilities for their plans.
Here is this interview:
Lublin 28.10.2015 r.
How The Powiernictwo Kresowe is going to return the property that belonged to the Poles before World War II?
Powiernictwo Kresowe is an association operating under the Polish and European law, focusing owners of properties located in the former eastern borderlands of Poland and their heirs. Our goal is to combine the efforts of Kresowians (people from former Eastern Poland) to recover their properties (or a decent compensation for it). The agreement of association Ukraine with the European Union — opened up to the citizens of Poland (and other countries, not only belonging to the EU) legal way allowing for the restitution of properties. Just as it happened with the estates of German and Jewish in Poland after our association, and then joining the EU.

Venezuela | Venezuelan Military Vows ‘Absolute’ Loyalty to Nicolas Maduro

7 January 2016
The declaration came after a PSUV legislator warned that the opposition was ignoring public institutions in order to launch a coup d’etat.

The Venezuelan armed forces, known as the FANB, pledged staunch support for Nicolas Maduro and his government in the face of threats by the right-wing parliament to oust the president.