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“Languages should be bridges, not walls”: Tlaxcala

An interview with Fausto Giudice, one of the coordinators of Tlaxcala, the international network of translators for linguistic diversity
Could you tell our readers about the work of your site? What is your site created for? What does its name mean?
Tlaxcala is a network of voluntary translators who publish their work on their own website. It was created 10 years ago by Internet activists who had the same need of organizing and rationalizing translation work. Very often the translator is isolated and works totally alone. At the same time the best translation always need to be proofread by a mother tongue speaker. So we created the network first of all to be able to organize cooperation between translators. We were three at the start, then five, then 10, and now about 120, clearly with varying levels of involvement. We publish texts in 15 languages. In almost ten years, we have published around 30 000 articles and documents (texts, images, videos and audios).
Very soon, when we began discussing the project, we agreed on the need to establish a clear base for our work, so we redacted a manifesto explaining our common philosophy and ground principles. We ask every translator willing to join us to read it and to tell us if he/she agrees with it. We choose the name Tlaxcala to vehicle following message: a people or community oppressed by an Empire shall never trust another Empire to get free. The Tlaxcaltecs were a people in Mexico who helped the Spanish conquerors to smash the Aztec Empire. After the work was done by the European “liberators”, they “toke care” of the Tlaxcalatecs, who were partially erased in their turn.

Ukraine | Fake “leftists” and “anarchists” in Ukraine

Ever since the maidan coup was unleashed at the end of November 2013 in Ukraine, there was a relentless propaganda from within Ukraine, supported by western capitalists, in dismantling the only real opposition to the colonization of Ukraine and turning this 46 million people land into a NATO’s war playground. This opposition is embodied by marxist Borotba.

While western propagandists defended – directly or by omission – the fascist coup which turned Ukraine into a prey for western corporations, war playground for NATO, a money machine for Ukrainian oligarchs and western-backed NGOs by waging the privatized civil war against Donbass people, brutal dispossession of working people by IMF, and the destruction of Ukraine’s industry by EU, they concentrated their efforts in discrediting Borotba and actually any leftist who called out the NATO-supported fascists and nazis.

For western capitalists the only opposition they can tolerate is the one they control, and they could not control the marxists from Borotba or the anti-NATO anarchists from Donbass. They also need to create the impression that capitalism is not what it is in reality: a totalitarian system which destroys any meaningful dissent with a potential to challenge the ruling classes power.

The most active of these Western stooges were a small group of individuals who portray themselves as „anarchists or leftist revolutionaries” but who only attempted to draw western leftists of all kinds, in particular anarchists, into supporting NATO’s aggression against another of their victims in Eastern Europe.

USA | US missile was sent to Cuba, not by artillery

The Wall Street Journal has published breaking news.
An inert U.S. Hellfire missile sent to Europe for a NATO training exercise in 2014 was mistakenly shipped to Cuba and has been there ever since.
Though the missile does not contain any explosives, The Wall Street Journal reports U.S. officials are concerned that Cuban authorites may share the missile’s sensors and targeting technology with countries like Russia, China and North Korea.
Several people familiar with the case told the Journal that the incident is the worst example of sensitive military technology falling into the hands of a nation under U.S. sanctions that they can recall.
According to the Journal report, the missile was properly shipped to Spain, where it was used in the exercise. It was then supposed to be taken on a roundabout journey back to the U.S. via Germany. Instead, the Journal reported the missile was loaded onto an Air France truck that took the cargo to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, where it was put on a flight to Havana.
The Journal reported that federal investigators were working to determine whether the shipment was the result of a major error, or the work of international criminals or spies.
A U.S. official told the Associated Press that manufacturer Lockheed Martin was authorized to export the dummy missile for the training exercise. The official attributed the shipping error to Lockheed’s freight forwarders, and said the U.S. was working with Lockheed to get the device back.
The Journal reported that the initial permission for Lockheed to send the missile to Spain came from the State Department, which declined comment
U.S. officials have been urging the Cuban government to return the missile, the Journal said, adding that officials don’t suspect that Cuba will try to develop similar weapons technology on its own.
According to the Defense Department, the Hellfire is a laser-guided, air-to-surface missile that weighs about 100 pounds. It can be deployed from an attack helicopter like the Apache or an unmanned drone like the Predator. The Hellfire training missile contains an incomplete guidance section and has no operational seeker head, warhead, fusing system or rocket motor. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/01/08/american-hellfire-missile-mistakenly-shipped-to-cuba-in-2014-report-claims.html