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Saudi Arabia | Arab Spring leader executed together with al-Qaeda terrorists

The Saudi interior ministry on Saturday said 47 people convicted of plotting and carrying out terrorist attacks, targeting civilians and security forces, were executed.
Prominent Shiite preacher Nimr al-Nimr and leading al-Qaeda ideologue Faris al-Shuwail were among the executed men.
56-year-old Nimr was a driving force behind the protests that broke out in 2011 in the kingdom’s east. In fact he was the leader of the local Arab spring movement.
Nimr was arrested in 2012 and did not deny the political charges against him.
At the time, the Saudi interior ministry had described him as an “instigator of sedition” during his arrest in the eastern village of Awamiya after being wounded.
In October 2014, Nimr’s death sentence was confirmed after he had been found guilty of seeking “foreign meddling” in the kingdom, among other charges.
Meanwhile, Shuwail had been described by Saudi media outlets as the top al-Qaeda ideologue. He is believed to have been conducting research in support of the organization and its operations.
He was arrested in August 2004 during a massive crackdown on the group following a series of deadly attacks.
Shuwail’s role as an al-Qaeda ideologue was seen in his writings, in which he attempted to justify the strategies and tactics employed by the militants.
Most of the 47 men executed were involved in a series of attacks carried out by al-Qaeda from 2003-06 that killed Saudis and foreigners in the kingdom, the interior ministry said.
45 of those executed were of Saudi nationality, alongside one Chadian and one Egyptian, according to a list of names and nationalities published by the Saudi Press Agency.

Ukraine | New Year Day meaning is differed for Ukrainian ultra-right

While Europeans celebrated New Year Day, Ukrainian Nazi celebrated their own holiday different from European traditions and European values. They marched in honor of prominent Ukrainian fascist leader Stepan Bandera who was born exactly on January 1.
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USA | Dan Simpson: Peace on Earth? Not until the U.S. stops selling arms and making war

Reviewing the bidding on the United States at the end of 2015, I conclude that we are a killer nation, at home and abroad.

The segment of our society that benefits most from this role, again, at home and abroad, is the arms industry. At home, it sells the guns that are used, virtually without control, to slaughter innocent groups of people, including in churches and schools. Our corrupt and conscienceless federal and state legislators lack the courage and brains to stop it. And this is not just about the National Rifle Association; it is also about the arms manufacturers and dealers that finance the NRA so that it can exercise influence in Washington and state capitals.